Reaching The End Goal The Eclipse Way

Our consultations are very thorough, ensuring the utmost understanding between ourselves, our clients and consultants. The architectural process(pre-construction) is summed up in 5 stages:

  • We begin the process by properly understanding our client’s brief, requirements, needs and budget – and finding an important balance. Equipped with this information, we design the conceptual layouts. These will give the clients an understanding of the spatial arrangement. Conceptual designs are designed with our quantity surveyors closely on hand to assist in keeping the dream within reach.
  • Once the conceptual drawings and plans are approved by the client, we commence onto the second stage – Artist’s Impressions. This is where we build virtual models of the structure as designed by us and approved by the client. These show the client exactly what the building will look like upon completion.

  • On approval of the impression, we then commence to do the working drawings. The working drawings, also know as the construction plans are used for submission to the relevant municipality as well as to any other body, association or committee that may need to approve plans prior to construction. They include every bit of information required for the construction and finishing of the structure.

  • Eclipse Architects will see to the approval of the plans at council and with any other third party where applicable.

  • While plans are being circulated at council and pending approval, Eclipse Architects will see to the tendering of the project – selecting only the best candidates for our clients to choose from.

  • This entire process takes on average 3 to 6 months.

  • Consultations are billed at R1200, and thereafter we will quote according to the brief of the client and their individual needs.