Our Background

Sustainable, Innovative, Contextual


We believe that all designs should be sustainable and energy efficient. Our work is grounded in passive design principals which allows for managing heat gain and heat loss which aligns with our environmentally friendly ethos.


We focus on designing innovative architecture by exploring new forms, pushing the boundaries and evolving with technology without compromising on the functionality of the spaces.  


We create buildings that respond positively to their greater surroundings. When dealing with the micro scale of our buildings we strive to create a seamless transition between the interior to exterior.

Eclipse Architects was formed by Tshego Shomang in 2012
At Eclipse Architects, we believe that every client is unique & we therefor design homes tailored to each client’s very specific needs, desire and lifestyle.
The core of our design focuses on creating luxurious homes that meet the everyday needs of our clients. We believe that our homes need to satisfy your taste in aesthetics but the best part of any home remains it’s ability to function well in every way.
Our philosophy requires that we focus on designing sustainable homes that make sense, not only today but for decades to come. We enjoy implementing passive design principles in ever home that we design. Ranging from completely off grid installations to smaller, less complicated manners of operation. We harness the environment as an asset in the houses function and form.
We constantly strive to understand our clients and their vision in order to give them the best of their desires and the utmost practicality, principle and experience in creating awe-inspiring, bespoke designs.

Eclipse Architects is a practice made up of young, innovative, forward thinking individuals whose key interest is that of their clients. We do everyday things in extraordinary ways! It’s not just a building, but an environment that is conducive for its purpose. Its not just a house but it’s a space for relaxation, to entertain or to unwind in. It’s not just a house but an investment, it’s an emotion, it’s a giver of life. “First we shape our buildings, thereafter our buildings shape us.” – Winston Churchill. We don’t just draw buildings but we design environments.

We are Eclipse